How Paper is Made

Written By Sam Au Yeung - November 12 2015


Paper... I write on it, I read it, I throw it away, and I eat it (while in grade school, I've quit since).

Not many thoughts about paper cross my mind, besides the fact that it comes from some factory somewhere, it's made out of a tree and why some paper tastes better than others (again, while in grade school).

Well, what do you know, Ken and I found out how paper is made.  Not the typical paper we normally use, but the handcrafted kind, the beautiful kind.  The kind you wouldn't want to eat because it looks too good (and you wouldn't want to disrespect the craftsperson that made it by eating it).

lady hand making paper

We were on one of our trips to Yunnan while in the process of starting Terrace Bloom, and we were brought to this paper-making village.  It was nothing like we've ever seen before, no machines, everything was painstakingly done by hand.  Needless to say, we took many photos and and video footage.  We caught a glimpse of the different stages of paper making, from raw material to the finished product.  It was quite amazing to see how much preparation and work goes into the process.

Like many other traditional crafts, the art of paper making in Yunnan is a dying one.  As the younger generation leave the village in search of city jobs, the craft isn't passed on to the next generation, leaving the paper making village with no heirs to the beautiful craft.  We hope that through our small part in purchasing paper from these villagers, the art of making paper will continue on.

rolls of handmade paper


Fast forwarding to today, our Terrace Bloom Collection Box is made from that handcrafted paper. 
It's the perfect gift, and with an amazing story.  Our Collection Box comes with our three signature flavors, Pearl Green Tea, Yunnan Gold Black Tea, and Blooming Jasmine Tea.  An information card is included inside the box so the story of our tea and the handcrafted paper can be passed on to the recipient.
terrace bloom collection box

terrace bloom collection gift boxterrace bloom collection box, pearl green tea, blooming jasmine tea, yunnan gold black tea

To learn more about the handcrafted paper that is featured with our Terrace Bloom Collection Box, please visit this link.

Also, check out video footage from our trip to that paper-making village below!

Handmade Paper by the Dai Ethnic Minority Group in Yunnan, China from Sam on Vimeo.


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