What is Yunnan?

Written By Sam Au Yeung - November 25 2015

Yunnan Mountain Village where tea is grown

Yunnan China is easily my favorite place to visit, the diversity of its culture and landscape makes every trip an exciting one.  Visiting Yunnan is never boring, but always full of adventures and stories that'll stay with us for a long time.  It shares some similarities with the rest of China, but at the same time it's so different. For Ken and I, many of our best travel stories come from our trips into Yunnan.

So where is Yunnan province?  Yunnan is situated in what the Chinese consider to be the southwest corner of China (the true west of China is mostly a desert). The province shares it's border with nearby Vietnam, Laos, and Burma.  Yunnan is known for it's rich biodiversity (it contains more species of plant life than any other Chinese province) and high elevations in the northwestern areas of the province. Not only is Yunnan diverse biologically, but culturally as well.  Yunnan is home to 25 ethnic minority groups, and each has their own language, cuisine (I have admit, some are much better than others), and ethnic dress (which is the easiest way to distinguish between them).

waterfall in Yunnan, China 

So what does all of this mean for our tea?  Being from Yunnan means that our teas come from regions with the perfect climate and elevation for tea cultivation.  Partnering with the ethnic minorities means that our tea is cultivated and hand-picked by the most amazing farmers in Yunnan, with their tea knowledge dating back many centuries.  The minority farmers have a rich cultural heritage and still use many of their traditional methods in producing the tea.  We have a blast whenever we visit the farmers that we partner with, and enjoy every opportunity to travel around Yunnan in pursuit of tea.  What an honor it is for us to bring our customers a glimpse of Yunnan through our teas!

villagers we came across on one of our trips

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