Where ever we trekked, there was food, really good food

Written By Sam Au Yeung - December 04 2015

We've traveled all through China, and we've certainly traversed all throughout Yunnan.  Despite the tiring days we've had hiking up mountains, trekking from village to village, riding in cramped buses or cars for hours on end, one thing that we've always looked forward to is a meal.  

food in yunnan is colorful, and very tasty

Food in Yunnan never disappoints (besides the times that we had grasshoppers that were way too chewy), we can always count on a good meal at the end of a long day.  No matter if we're at a city restaurant, or out in the bush, sitting on a log eating food that was cooked on a makeshift stove in the dirt.

Ken and our two friends having lunch before heading to the myanmar border

The food in Yunnan is primarily vegetables, with pork or chicken dishes as well.  Most villagers don't eat meat as regularly because it's more expensive, instead they usually subside on vegetables and rice to save money.  However, whenever they have visitors (like us), they'll always prepare a variety of vegetable and meat dishes that really hit the spot.

washed fresh greenseating on a makeshift table, sitting on logs, in the middle of nowhere

kitchen with a charcoal stove

And of course, we've had plenty of weird food too.  Yunnan (well, China as a whole) has a varied diet, and by that, I don't mean a variety of meats such as pork, beef, fish and chicken.  By varied diet, I mean horse meat, grasshoppers, bugs, bamboo worms, donkey meat, pig intestines, bee larvae, bees.  And yes, we've consumed all of the above, and more.

deep fried bamboo worms

Deep fried bamboo worms on the right, grasshoppers on the left

We've met amazing people throughout our treks in China, especially in Yunnan.  They were always hospitable, always smiling and always putting more rice into our bowls to the point where we've have to hide our bowls in our bags.  A meal certainly brings people together, despite culture and language barriers, and the meals with special people are the ones that stick with us.  Such good times and good foods will never be forgotten.

makeshift stove on dirt ground, and yes, those were spicy green peppers

rice...most of the time it's delicious, but when our hosts kept scooping more into our bowls... it became our enemy...

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