7 Great Ways to Repurpose Our Collection Box

Written By Ken Stoltzfus - December 09 2015

Our collection gift box is both a beautiful gift and a great way to sample our first full line of tea pyramids. However, this sturdy and unique box can also be re-purposed for many other uses.


The key to its functionality is a lid which stays closed thanks to concealed magnets.  This makes our box excellent for keeping a variety of things organized and convenient, yet out of sight to reduce the clutter we all try to avoid. 

Several of the best uses are listed below:

1. Use it for your spare change. 



2. Use it as a drop spot for your personal items that you usually grab on the way out the door.



3. Use it to store candy that you can pull out and pass around anytime. 


4.  Use it to organize a handful of your favorite K-cups for easy access.


5. Use it to organize your essential medicines that you want to keep in a convenient spot. 


6. Use it on your desk to keep your random necessities organized and convenient. 


7. And last, of course you can use it to store and share your favorite teas!

Follow this link to purchase our Collection Box for yourself or a loved one!


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