The Hani People

Written By Ken Stoltzfus - January 13 2016

The Hani are one of China's amazing minority groups.  Being a "Chinese minority" means they are a distinct ethnic group of people, officially recognized and set apart by the government. 

90% of the Chinese Hani live in Yunnan province, mostly in the small villages the dot the beautiful mountains.

Like most Chinese minorities, the Hani have many distinct differences that set them apart from the Han people and other minority groups.  

The first thing I usually notice when meeting a group of Hani is their beautiful clothing.  While the men seem to dress like most other rural Chinese (practical), the women often dress very colorfully in their traditional clothing.  This usually includes elaborate deep blue and black designs with colorful emboridery.  Many have silver chains and accessories as part of their clothing, and some wear elaborate head-dresses featuring a braid that can be their real hair or a false part of the head-dress.

(the women are very fancy)

(the men, not so much)


Their family structure is fairly rigid and most would say old-fashioned.  The men are clearly the head of the family and have all the authority, while the women care for the children and home, and often do much of the field work as well. 

Being a rural people with an agricultural heritage, this field work means using traditional techniques to tend to the same terraced fields as their ancestors.  They use Chinese water buffalo and other small "beasts of burden" to help with their work, and may also raise pigs and chickens near their homes. 

Above all, the Hani are very kind and hospitable.  The families we support have all been so generous when we've visited, putting out large feasts for us and tending to our every need.  It is our goal to help these families make a better living, so they can provide for their needs and educate their children while preserving their cultural heritage.  At Terrace Bloom, we love the Hani and we're proud to bring their teas to the world!



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