Testimonial from Colette L.

Written By Sam Au Yeung - July 31 2015

I was first taken away by the delicate and ornate packaging. The three samples of Yunnan Gold Black Tea, Blooming Jasmine Tea, and Pearl Green Tea came enclosed in an envelope crafted of handmade paper from the Dai minority people in Yunnan. The whole leaf teas are encapsulated in pyramid infusers. Because I am a lover of all things jasmine, that was my first tea to try. Living in Hong Kong for four years, I grew accustomed to drinking jasmine tea when we would dine at local restaurants. Often, the aroma was inviting, but the tea was quite bitter and too powerful. However, the Terrace Bloom jasmine tea was smooth and aromatic. And even as it steeped longer, it grew stronger but never bitter. My husband greatly enjoyed the black tea. And we both found it amazing that an individual bag of any of the teas could be used multiple times while still brewing a perfectly balanced cup of tea.  The boxes make lovely gifts for friends, family, and guests. And they’re the perfect infusion of beauty for everyday use as well.